A clear focus on your eye health

The eye examination is not just for when you need new spectacles!

Regular eye examinations are important to ensure that your eyes remain healthy and that you are seeing well. A full examination lasts between 30-40 minutes as we don't want anyone to feel rushed. We tailor each eye examination towards your needs, but it will generally include:

  • A discussion of your particular issues and concerns
  • Measurement of your vision
  • Examination of your eye muscle function
  • Examination of the health of your eyes, both at the front and inside the eye
  • Measurement of the best lenses to correct your vision and thus whether or not spectacles are needed
  • Measurement of the pressures of the fluid in your eyes
  • Assessment of your peripheral vision

In many cases, sight tests are free under the NHS. If you are unsure if you qualify, then please contact us and we will be pleased to advise you. However, the NHS sight test does not cover enhanced services such as retinal photography, contact lenses, extended visual field examinations etc. The optometrist may offer these and other services at the same time as a sight test. If you choose to have these tests, you would have to pay a supplementary fee. You do not have to have any extra tests though if you do not wish to.

Retinal Photography

As a supplementary procedure we are able to take photographs of the back of your eye and store the images in your records. This will enable us to monitor even more closely for any subtle changes to your eyes by comparing different images taken over a period of time.

This is just one example of newer technology that allows us to gain better and more accurate results than traditional sight test methods. Here’s an example of the sort of images we can take of your eyes.

As an enhanced service, this would be an optional addition to an NHS sight test and would involve a supplementary fee.

Image 2


Image 2


Children’s Eye Care

Eye examinations are free for everyone under 16. We are a very child friendly practice and regularly test children of all ages.

It is really important to get your child’s eyes tested, especially if they’ve never been seen before. At a young age, children may not realise particularly if only one eye is blurred, and any blurring may lead to a lazy eye, which can only be treated when they’re young.

An ideal time to bring a child for their first visit to us is around the time they start school. However, if you have any concerns, we are happy to see them at any age.

Coloured Overlay Assessments

Children with dyslexia may benefit from reading with a certain colour. We can assess to see if any particular colour will improve reading ability, and thus supply the correct colour sheets to lay over reading material. This is a great way of trying to see if it will help before committing to full coloured spectacles.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses are a large part of our business. As an independent business, we are not tied only to certain manufacturers and can offer lenses of all different types and designs, including all the leading brands as well as more ‘niche’ lenses. Contact Lens technology has changed massively in the last few years, and it is rare that we cannot fit someone with lenses now. Even if you have tried them in the past, and not got on with them, it is highly possible that there is now something to fit you comfortably. With various payment options, there is usually a price bracket to suit most people, and if you join one of our direct debit schemes you also get a discount on new spectacles.

We offer a free, no obligation trial for contact lenses – so please feel free to give us a ring and book an appointment to try them out!

Frames & Lenses

We carry a large stock of frames, ranging from budget to designer, and are constantly refreshing the ranges. We hope to have a style and price range to suit everybody. Feel free to come in and try frames on at any time. It can sometimes be difficult choosing frames – we are able to take photographs and videos of you wearing different frames for you to look at and compare.

There is a vast array of lenses available for spectacles. When you come in we can discuss your particular needs and suggest lens options appropriate for you. Options are available for thinner and lighter lenses, and for various coatings.

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Children's Eye Care
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Contact Lenses
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Frames & Lenses

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